Monday, 3 May 2010

Windows Liver Writer

Free software for writing your Blog


Once you have subscribed to this blog and set up your account the easiest way to start contributing your own articles is to use Windows Liver Writer. This is free software from Microsoft which works rather like a word processor and links directly to the blog and makes writing and uploading your own articles a breeze. It can be downloaded here.

You can easily add pictures, a photo album, links, tables and even video clips and maps. It’s easy to use and provides a WYSIWYG type interface, has a web preview mode and if you wish you can even view and edit the HTML source-code . You can go back and edit. alter or modify your blog at any time and choose when you want to post your blogs. You can add Categories (like keywords) to help identify your articles and make searching easier.

Once downloaded and installed on your PC you simply navigate to the Tools menu, select Accounts then Add. Our blog is hosted by Blogger so select Other Blog Service:


Click Next then add the address of this blog ( and your User Name and Password and you are ready to go!


There are many Live Writer resources on the web and some good video tutorials on You tube; I’ve listed one in the links below. I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft but this piece of software is quite good and it’s free. Feel free the ask questions in the comments.

John Birch



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