Tuesday, 25 May 2010

For Sale: Epson P3000 Multimedia Storage / Viewer

Hi All

I have decided to sell my Epson P3000 Viewer to put together funds for a second camera body. The device will store 40GB, reads Compact Flash and SD/SDHC cards, it will display RAW and JPEG images and will play most formats of audio and video files. It works with all Canon and Nikon file types and I would expect it to work with all the other manufacturers.

It has a 4" super bright LCD screen with zoom functions, full menu functionality helps rate, protect and delete files on the drive, it will also allow direct access from PC and Mac systems for taking the files off the drive. The overall look and feel of the drive is really intuitive and easy to use, it is very well built and feels up to the job. Given the fact that it will work for CF and SD cards, it is also up to being shared in a family of photographers for example who are out at the same venue / holiday.

The device is perfect for when you are away from home and are taking a lot of images, once your card is full, just pop it in the viewer and it will prompt to start downloading automatically.

It retails from Epson at £349, the cheapest price I can find on the web is £266 but thats out of stock. I am therefore asking for offers on or around £230. This is a real bargain, its use has been limited and it is excellent condition, comes with the charger and branded protective case. Anybody wanting more info or a demo, drop me a line.

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