Thursday, 6 May 2010

RAF Coningsby Trip 12th June

I know that not everyone is as interested in aircraft as me but thought I would post this anyway. RAF Coningsby Friends and Families Day is on Saturday 12th June, we usually attend this as non-paying spectators (ie outside the fence). There is a very varied flying display consisting of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the RAF's newest fighter the Typhoon, Spitfire and Typhoon Pair, RAF Hawk, the Blades and a few others.

Where we stand is positioned at the back of the airbase directly under the display boundary, the photo's from there are the best you can get from this type of event.

We always get good shots from here, BTW, the Lancaster shot of Chris J's over the radar, the Lancaster was taken at this event previously. As were the ones above.....

Anyone wishing to attend please drop me a mail at

It would be a good place to meet up and have a chat, I am taking a stove too, burgers and sausages, that might get a few more coming along for the day :-)

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