Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday june 23 : more pyrotechnics

My new secretary started work this morning and will be creating my blog entries from now on!

Perhaps we should be looking round Worksop this evening to get some pictures for the competition?

Well actually we walked up what was the old Kiiveton pit tip. From the top we saw this in the far distance:
Which I reckon is this tower next to the A630 going out of Rotherham towards the M1 J35

Anyway, continuing our weekly theme of (no smoke without) fire:

Not as spectacular as last week's but a fire nontheless.

And to finish off, a post-solstice sunset


  1. I do hope you are complying with the law and paying at least the basic minimum pay scale

  2. The law only applies to humans. The cat can work for a tin of Whiskas a day like it always has.

  3. What is the cat's name? Don't tell's Bob Cratchit

  4. Sorry guys, missed something off the previous post , couldn't find how to edit it so cancelled instead and will start again....

    You're right Alan, it is the Keppell tower near Scholes. Not so much the leaning tower of Pisa as the bulging tower of Rotherham. Interesting to see what would happen if a helicopter decided to use the helipad on the top. Very good image though given the distance - it was barely visible to the naked eye - and says a lot for the camera and your steady hand