Sunday, 11 July 2010

Photographic oblivion

Help! Photographic oblivion stares me in the face!
Following wednesday June 30th when Stuart and I scoured Worksop (nsuccessfully) for suitable pictures for the My Worksop competition I went on holiday to the UK's first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - the Gower (well that's what it says in the tourist leaflets) and the weather was c**p so naff all came out of that. Should have gorn to Port Talbot
So my salvation rests with Ray - what have you got organised for this Wednesday?


  1. I know just how you feel. The camera hasn't been out of the bag in about 2 weeks now. Wouldn't mind knowing what is happening Wednesday either as it is getting a bit late in the day. If nothing pops up it's going to be a trip to Beverley and maybe so shots down the Humber on the way home.

  2. What's happening at Beverley?

  3. Nothing at all just an excuse to see my brother over there and get the camera out of it's bag.