Sunday, 9 December 2012


This was the first of our newly introduced weekend outings into the Derbyshire Peak District. Eleven members took part and we met at the Old Hassop Station cafe before driving to the Magpie Mine (near Sheldon). The weather was fine and sunny if cold and the low winter sunshine made for easy, if not dramatic, photographic conditions. Walking was, in places, difficult because of ice but no-one finished up in A&E which is a relief. We returned to the cafe for a warm drink and chat. This first try at organising a weekend outing seemed to go well so we hope to continue with something similar perhaps each month. I will look for suitable locations and hope to organise another session in the first half of January, members will be kept informed. Thanks to everyone who attended and suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks to Pete Farthing for taking the below group shot in front of the mine buildings - (note the assortment of silly hats making us all look alike, except Dave Bunting who perhaps dropped his down a mineshaft).

On another note, John Rogers has asked me to let members know he has a Trinitron CRT Monitor that he is happy to give to anyone who wants it. Full details are available from John or myself.

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