Friday, 13 August 2010

Website Update

Hi All

I have just done a mod to the website to make it a bit more swish, I have taken a view from some members too who asked for it to be widened, this has gone up by 200px.

The member gallery has been updated with all the images provided by Chris, this contains all the images he received last season as competition entries.

The programme is now uploaded and is available for download as a pdf, there is a link to for those who don't have adobe acrobat reader.

The links page has also been updated.




  1. I'm very impressed with your skills Kev. I take my hat off. Well done.

    Ray - the printed programme is very impressive, I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. Well done to you too.

  2. Have just returned from Scotland but have had to take a break after a visit to see the Doc.
    I like the new home page on the website but have not had time yet to view it all.
    Thanks for the comment Emma.

  3. Kev the website is coming along really fine. The Home page with it's fractured photos is great and so is the gallery. Keep it up mate you are doing us proud.