Saturday, 7 August 2010

RAF Cosford - a great day out

Following my disappointment with Doncaster Air Museum I'm pleased to be able to say that RAF Cosford has redressed the balance. It's free to get in (although you do have to pay for parking), the exhibits are all top quality, and subject to the usual constrictions you really can get some decent photos.
It's near Telford which is also handy for the Ironbridge gorge and all the museums in the locality, including the Victorian village currently appearing on TV in the Victorian Pharmacy series, the Wrekin and Wenlock Edge.

Take a look at

Here's a view of the Cold War Exhibition building which houses among others examples of all 3 V-bombers and a Trabant!

I'll let you use your imagination as to what's happening here:

And this is a Victor which I've always thought was a really evil-looking aeroplane:

And the Vulcan which is just awesome.

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  1. Some nice shots there Alan, Harry and I have been to Cosford for an Airshow and had a good look around the museum its full of all sorts.