Sunday, 24 October 2010

Camera RAW Problem

I attended the beginners/technique night on Tuesday and was very impressed by Kevin's demo of Camera Raw, so I thought I'd try it myself.
According to Adobe CR 5.6 is compatible with the Fuji S6500 so I took some pics in raw and JPG and tried processing them.
No matter how I tried the results from Camera Raw were poor, unsharp grainy and noisy and not a patch on the jpegs the camera itself produced, and nowhere near as good as what the free utility S7raw produced.
Has any non-Nikon/Canon user tried Camera Raw and if so what were your findings?




  1. Hi Alan, thats an interesting issue... I have googled it and can find no issues similar to yours, if you want to rule out machine specific info, if you put a couple of your RAW's on a memory stick I will be more than happy to try it on my machine for you and let you know the result.



  2. Alan,

    I know my mum uses the S9600 and also shoots in Raw and never has problems. A fair few moons ago I had the s6500 and shot in RAW without the issues you are having.

    I now use Sony and again never have problems as you state about. Again like Kev says if you want to bring me a couple of file a week Thursday I can compare them with shots off a S9600 if you wish.